Water Storage

Life is water and the basis of life is water. The world’s supply of fresh water is becoming increasingly scarce, so it is important to manage water economically and responsibly.

Petrus water silos are an essential part of your water installation and are ideally suited to your water storage requirements.

Horticulture in particular uses and recycles a lot of water. All crops depend on good quality irrigation water.

A lot of water is used and recycled not only in horticulture and greenhouses – our above-ground water supply systems are also an economic and ideal application in the following areas:
– (greenhouse) horticulture – rainwater storage, recirculation water, spring water, sand filters
– agriculture – manure storage
– tree nurseries – irrigation container fields, ebb and flow systems,br>
– fruit growing – fertigation, drip irrigation
– fish farms – organic filter silos
– industry and environment – waste water, process water, fire extinguishing water

Fitted with a blue liner, our silos can be converted into swimming pools.
Petrus water silos are supplied in prefabricated (self-) assembly packs.
The silos consist of corrugated and centred steel panels made from durable, high-grade steel.

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