Water Storage

    Life is water and the basis of life is water. Clean water is of vital importance. The world’s supply of fresh water is becoming increasingly scarce, so it is important to manage water economically and responsibly. Water scarcity is the result of many complex interacting human and ecological factors. In the first instance, climate change is a considerable cause. Climate change leads to water sources drying up, but also to rising sea levels, which causes floods. This affects the availability and quality of water.


    As an alternative for coating 2.00 mm and 2.50 mm thick silo plates, we work with an industrial powder coating plant. The silo plates are pretreated, which is necessary to improve the adhesion of the paint coating and the corrosion resistance, as well as to avoid greases and similar. With the electrostatic powder paints, the electrically-charged powder particles are applied with compressed air onto the silo plates using a gun.

      Silo Linings

      Your silo is only complete when the internal lining has also been fitted. Around the world, silo linings are applied for the storage of various types of liquid. Depending on the climate and the application, together with the dealer/installer, it is looked into which lining is most suitable. The silo linings are watertight plastic films designed to protect the contents of your silo. Different grades and thicknesses are available to choose from, depending on the substance/liquid being stored in the silo.