Silo Linings

Your silo is only complete when the internal lining has also been fitted.

Around the world, silo linings are applied for the storage of various types of liquid.
Depending on the climate and the application, together with the dealer/installer, it is looked into which lining is most suitable.

The silo linings are watertight plastic films designed to protect the contents of your silo.
Different grades and thicknesses are available to choose from, depending on the substance/liquid being stored in the silo.

The materials that are mostly used are the qualities PVC, FPP, FPE and EPDM. They can be supplied in thicknesses of 0.50 mm to 1.20 mm. They retain their shape, are flexible and have good temperature resistance, and have a high UV resistance.

All silo linings are supplied with protective felt for both the wall and the base (250 gr/M2). For fastening over the edge of the tank, stainless steel wire and ratchet buckles are used.

Leadthrough sleeves can be supplied both loose and welded into the silo lining in the factory.

Covers are available in the form of a fixed or floating anti-algae matting. There are also various options for this.

All products are KIWA-certified.

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