Water Storage

Life is water and the basis of life is water. Clean water is of vital importance. The world’s supply of fresh water is becoming increasingly scarce, so it is important to manage water economically and responsibly.

Water scarcity is the result of many complex interacting human and ecological factors. In the first instance, climate change is a considerable cause. Climate change leads to water sources drying up, but also to rising sea levels, which causes floods. This affects the availability and quality of water.

The world population is increasing further and management of water supplies shall be of even more importance in the future. In the future, we will have to look for alternative water sources and will have to sustain them.

Sustainabilisation is necessary but also essential for us to be able to guarantee our children a good future. Demand for sustainable and innovative solutions is growing.

Watersilo’s Groosman is one of the market leaders in the area of water storage systems. Together with our dealers/installation companies, we help you with the best solutions to your problem.

Our modular metal silo is a simple way of storing water in a space-saving and sustainable way. Moreover, they are labelled with the EN 1090 certificate.

There are many possible solutions. From irrigation in horticulture and greenhouses, manure storage, rainwater storage, recirculation and water treatment, drinking water storage, reservoirs for fisheries, to temporary storage for roadbuilding.

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