Our metal silo is modular and sustainable, and a water storage system that is often chosen worldwide.

Steel of the highest quality is used for our water storage tanks. Steel has the property of retaining its shape very well and with a high tensile strength. Steel that we use for the silos is treated with a metal steel cladding called Magnelis, which provides a long-term surface treatment against wear in numerous applications.

It is applied on a classical industrial immersion galvanisation line, where it gets a metal zinc coating with a unique chemical composition. The coating contains aluminium and magnesium. The entire steel surface gets a stable and sustainable layer, with a much better corrosion resistance and is very suitable for chloride and ammonia environments. It is also characterised by a self-restoring coating on the cutting edges. It is sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

The silo panels are supplied in various thicknesses and lengths. Strength calculations are the basis of all silo sizes.

Watersilo’s Groosman: Strong in steel, steel is our strength!

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