In the factory, the steel can also be supplied in the standard colour RAL 6011.
This colour blends excellently into the landscape.

Plastisol Coating
Plastisol gives excellent basic protection. It guarantees a long service life and is relatively inexpensive. This coating is supplied as standard in the plate thicknesses 1.50 mm, 1.25 mm and 1.00 mm. Recently, it is also available for 2.00 mm thick plates (on request).

Powder Coating
As an alternative for coating 2.00 mm and 2.50 mm thick silo plates, we work with an industrial powder coating plant. The silo plates are pretreated, which is necessary to improve the adhesion of the paint coating and the corrosion resistance, as well as to avoid greases and similar. With the electrostatic powder paints, the electrically-charged powder particles are applied with compressed air onto the silo plates using a gun.

In contrast to wet painting, powder coating can be applied in a single step. This process also has a better adhesion due to muffling (melting powder in the furnace into a hard coat of paint).

The silo plates are also dry right after muffling and can also be packed almost immediately.
All RAL colours are available. We look for the desired RAL colour for your projects, along with you.

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