Brief History

An age-old family business from Zeeuwen, which left for France in the forties to build up a better, new existence. They started by cultivating chicory. To speed up the cultivation process, they developed chicory channels. In the following years, they focused more and more on the manufacture of grain silos, to start manufacturing water silos in the late sixties.

The name “Petrus silo” then comes from the Zeeuwener Petrus that left for France. And it was also in the sixties that many farmers and dealers in the area visited the markets in Kortrijk.

It is there that the families met up and did business together. The company Govaert then marketed and developed the “Petrus water silo” into a high-quality product.

In 2010, the Groosman family took over the business, further extending the knowledge and expertise, and guaranteed its permanent presence in the area of water storage.