Water Storage Silos

Worldwide, our Petrus water silo is a water storage system that is used many times over.

Watersilo’s Groosman provides customisation. The silos are produced according to the customer’s wishes, taking into account the application and environment where the silo is going to be placed.

There are various types of tank. We supply standard sizes but also different dimensions. Different sizes can be provided on request. The storage capacity can reach 3 000 000 litres of water.

The silos are supplied in diameters of 1.85 m Ø up to 30.75 m Ø and up to a height of 5.89 metres.

Our silos are simple to fit and durable. The silo plates can be provided with a coating, both plastisol coating (in the factory) and powder coating. To extend the service life, the lower rings of a silo are often coated.

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