Maintenance and Inspection of Water Storage Silos

Given that your water silos are an important part of your whole water installation, it is essential that maintenance is also done.
Failure to maintain silos properly has caused all sorts of accidents in the past.
The silo has a specific wall thickness that depends on its capacity and height.
Over time, this wall thickness is affected by things such as damage and corrosion.
It is advisable to check the silo annually for the formation of rust, misalignment and above all, leakage.

White traces and porous places may be a preliminary sign of leakage. A silo with coating is better protected against the formation of rust.

In the Netherlands, water silos must be inspected after 7 years. After that, every 2 years. If it is determined after an inspection that 2 years is inadequate, then an interim inspection is recommended after 1 year.

The inspection report clarifies the physical condition of your silo, allowing it to be promptly repaired if any damage or rust is found. Ensure that damage is promptly repaired and that the coating has no gaps in it. This will reduce the risk of disasters.

We do not do these inspections ourselves. But we can put you in touch with a company that undertakes silo inspections.

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